Salesforce.Com Acquires ChoicePass


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Today, ChoicePass, the employee reward site, announced that it is going to be acquired by enterprise solution provider,

There haven't been any financial details of the deal disclosed at this time, but the ChoicePass website will be shutting down by the end of June.

Apparently the two companies share the same entrepreneurial spirit and passion for employee recognition. The acquisition will extend the company's reach and integrate their capabilities into the already broad list of enterprise solutions currently available to customers.

Here's what ChoicePass had to say on their blog site:

"We started ChoicePass with a vision to change the way organizations reward their employees. Since launching our Perks product, we’ve found that there is massive demand from businesses for innovative ways to manage employee engagement, rewards and incentives. It has been an amazing experience for us to work with such great companies, partners and of course, people."

"Today, we’re delighted to announce that the ChoicePass team will be joining We share the same vision and passion for employee recognition, as well as our entrepreneurial spirit."

"We want to thank the ChoicePass community – members, partners, investors, advisors, vendors and merchants – for using and supporting ChoicePass! We have been on an incredible journey thanks to you and look forward to helping companies connect more than ever before with employees across the social enterprise."

Earlier this month, also acquired Buddy Media in an effort to break into the social listening and marketing arena. ChoicePass and Buddy Media are just a few components of's increasingly comprehensive business and enterprise solutions portfolio.