Sadie Robertson Wore Denim Skirt to Pad Against Phil Robertson's Spankings

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Sadie Robertson, the Duck Dynasty scion who seems to have risen above her raisin', has a new ad campaign out. The daughter of Phil Robertson turned heads on the catwalk already and has now been chosen as the face and body for Wild Blue Denim's holiday and spring ad campaigns.

Talking with People Magazine about her experience wearing denim, Sadie Robertson came from a different angle than most models do. When asked to relate a "denim disaster" she had, Robertson did not share a story about being caught in a socially-embarrasing situation wearing dress-down denim while everyone else was in pantsuits or dresses. She related a tale that you might more expect from someone whose father is a polarizing figure who preaches his own blend of folk homophobia.

“My denim disaster actually turned into me being very thankful for denim!” Sadie Robertson relates. “I had gotten in trouble one day when I was little for punching my brother, and my dad said when we get home I was going to get a spanking. I ran, and put on my denim dress so I wouldn’t feel it and it actually worked! I didn’t feel a thing so I had to fake cry. I started acting at a young age.”

So, she was about to get a whipping, and used tough denim -- a denim skirt, no less -- to pad herself against the blows delivered by the Duck Commander himself. Whatever works. With that on her résumé, she's a natural to pitch denim products. She even has her own technique for getting her jeans to fit right.

“The way I stretch my jeans is kind of unique, I guess. I lay out which pair I am going to wear the next day and stuff them with a pillow so they stretch. I don’t know if it actually works, but I have always done it.”

Sadie Robertson says she is on board with Wild Blue because “their message is to encourage every girl to feel confident in who they are, and that’s a large part of my message that I share: to live original, meaning to be confident in the person you are created to be,”

you make me smile so big I have a double chin, but that's okay because double the chin double the love. 9.6.15

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