Sacha Baron Cohen Makes Rounds With Extremely Graphic Clip From New Movie

Sacha Baron Cohen is up to some crazy antics. Again.

Sacha Baron Cohen crashed Pharrell Williams’ show OTHERtone earlier in the week under shady pretenses.

In the middle of sort of an awkward introduction, Pharrell realizes Sacha Baron Cohen looks familiar.

Pharrell said, “Where was I? I just walked in somewhere and I seen him somewhere!”

IT'S BLURRY @baronandre

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Sacha Baron Cohen then replied, “Yeah I was, uh, taking a s–t!” Then Sacha Baron Cohen reached out for a handshake. “You know, generally you don’t do this when someone’s actually on the toilet, really.”

Then things got really weird when Sacha Baron Cohen asks to show Pharrell a clip from his new movie, The Brothers Grimsby. I don’t really know which clip was viewed, but here’s the trailer:

Warning, some of the content may border on NSFW territory.

He said, “I was wondering whether I could show you … this is a clip from a new movie I’m working on called The Brothers Grimsby.”

He added, “So basically I play a kind of, like a James Bond character, I play his idiotic brother. We end up on the run. Anyway, some bad stuff happens on the way.”

The group settles in around Sacha Baron Cohen and his laptop to watch the clip. Soon, things get even more uncomfortable.

Pharrell jumped up and waved his hands around adding exclamations like, “Nah!” and, “That’s wild!”

Then he just…walked out. Of his own show.

Sacha Baron Cohen has been making the rounds to promote The Brothers Grimsby, including Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

It’s likely that the same clip Sacha Baron Cohen showed Pharrell is the one that he showed the audience on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

What do you think about Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie and the mystery clip that was so crazy it made Pharrell Williams walk out of his own show?

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