Ryan Seacrest Shares Childhood Insecurities

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Ryan Seacrest may be the epitome of confidence, style and success, but he wasn't always like that. He recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and told Kimmel and the audience that he was overweight as a child and very insecure about the way he looked.

He said that he struggled to do a lot of everyday activities as a child, including swimming. His weight and embarrassment caused him to dread spring break and he said that he hated having to take his clothes off for certain summertime activities.

He also admitted that he was bullied because of his weight.

“I used to hate spring break…because you would have to go to the pool or the beach and I never wanted to take my shirt off,” Seacrest said.

Seacrest said that he worked really hard to lose weight as he got older and started working out and taking better care of himself. His childhood insecurities have motivated him to stay healthy and fit. He also has a soft spot for children who are overweight and obese.

“I definitely think that remembering how I felt back then drives me to stay fit as an adult,” he said. “I treat my workouts as one of the most important meetings of the day.”

Seacrest admitted that it wasn't only his looks that needed to change, but also the way he felt about his body and himself.

He now looks and feels his best and he is determined to never look or feel bad about himself ever again.

Can you believe Ryan Seacrest was once overweight and insecure about his looks?

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