Rush Limbaugh Has A Bomb Scare


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Rush Limbaugh has always been a controversial figure. From his beginnings as a radio talk show host at KFBK 1530 in Sacramento, to the nationally syndicated show he has now, Limbaugh has been a conservative figurehead in the United States since the late 80's. Because he is a very controversial figure, he tends to have crosshairs on him from left wing activists who think he is dangerous. So when people hear that Rush Limbaugh has a bomb scare, they no longer think twice, whether due to their hatred or that they are desensitized because they feel like it happens all too often.

The suspicious package was delivered on Thursday at around 430 PM and staffers who weren't expecting a package moved it to the guest house to x-ray it with their mobile machine. Staffers didn't know what it was, but thought it had the potential to be dangerous. "Some type of a plaque that was electronic in nature. Something to do with the assassination of President Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth," Palm Beach Police Department Spokesperson Fred Hess said.

Police were able to find out the package was sent from Wexford, Pennsylvania and they were able to contact the person who sent the package who then apologized for sending something that could be construed as being dangerous. After about 3 hours the Palm Beach Police Department gave the 'all clear' to the staff at the house and things went back to normal. Limbaugh, through his staff, thanked emergency crews for their prompt response and called the incident a "non-event."