Rush Limbaugh Cheers Obama's Approval Drop

Mike TuttleLife

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Rush Limbaugh, rested from a charity golf outing and a day off from his own radio program yesterday, took to the golden EIB microphone to assure his listeners that he was still relevant, still here, and still their El Rushbo.

Flush with the release of polling numbers that indicate President Obama's rating is down to 41%, Limbaugh took the opportunity to correlate the two for his listeners. While experts are still musing over the causes and ramifications of the drop in the president's approval, Limbaugh knows why. In a segment where he called NOW President Terry O'Neill the "Head NAG", Limbaugh said:

"That has to be worse than it was under Carter, folks. And what the women of America want is jobs. They want an expanding economy, so we don't have to beg the government for their birth control pills."

While cheering over the drop in approval rating, Limbaugh is not impressed with other recently-released numbers showing growth in jobs.

"The employment numbers being released are not legit. They're not true. They're not real. They're fabricated; they're massaged."

Even though news just hit today that Limbaugh's own syndicator has instructed affiliate stations to remove their barter spots while they deal with departing advertisers, he still claims this as a victory. In fact, he sees a correlation between his own controversy and the drop for Obama.

"Rush Limbaugh, EIB's gift to Barack Obama. And with a few more "gifts" like this, try to imagine how low Obama's approval numbers will be then."

Mike Tuttle
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