Rupert Murdoch Tweets: MSNBC's Chris Hayes Comments

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Everyone who follows Rupert Murdoch on Twitter knows that his tweets can be a little controversial. Political commentator Chris Hayes recently commented on the business magnate’s tweets saying that Murdoch is a “proud Twitter crank.”

Murdoch’s tweets cover various topics from global warming to criticizing the president. In one his recent tweets, the 83-year-old CEO of News Corporation commented about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

“World seems transfixed by 777 disappearance. Maybe no crash but stolen, effectively hidden, perhaps in Northern Pakistan, like Bin Laden.” The tweet was dated March 14.

This was not the first time Murdoch tweeted about the missing aircraft. Just one day after the plane’s disappearance, he tweeted, “777 crash confirms jihadists turning to make trouble for China. Chance for US to make common cause, befriend China while Russia bullies.”

According to Hayes, Murdoch is like an angry man who would spend time on conservative message boards and turn to Twitter when he reads about something that he does not like. He also referred to one specific tweet wherein Murdoch seemed to deny the threat of global warming. “Wild winter is US, UK, etc. no respectable evidence any of this man made climate change in spite of blindly ignorant politicians.”

Chris Hayes call Rupert Murdoch a "Twitter Crank"

Hayes also showed a newspaper with the headline “Kangaroos ‘Fainting’ In Australia Heatwave.” The newspaper, of course, was one of the Australian newsprints that Murdoch has acquired.

Murdoch does not only tweet about political and environmental issues. He also shares his personal views on life, and the movies and books that he appreciates.

“Have just. Read The Rational Optimist. Great book.”

“Simplicity so much easier, and both more beautiful and stronger. Leads closer to fairness for all.”

Despite of Murdoch’s sometimes weird and controversial comments, Hayes is appreciative of Twitter, as it allows him to view unfiltered and unedited thoughts of personalities, such as Murdoch.

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