Rumer Willis' Pink Underwear Makes A Surprise Appearance On The Red Carpet

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Rumer Willis' main claim to fame is being the daughter of Bruce Willis. Not to take anything away from her acting chops, but let's just say Sorority Row has to be the low point in anybody's career. Now the Willis offspring is making a name for herself based solely upon her choice of underwear.

E Online reports that Rumer Willis showed up at Elle's Women in Music event in a cut dress that exposed her underwear when viewed from a certain angle. For the record, they were pink. As you can imagine, the news spread like wildfire as everybody on the Internet just had to take a look.

So, what does Rumer herself think about her underwear being caught on camera. Well, she's definitely not letting it get to her as the actress has been pretty vocal about it on Twitter. She even made a joke about it:

Taking the joke a bit further, she lamented that people were making a big deal about her underwear while there are people running around with handguns shoved up their genitals:

While it's easy to understand her frustration, I don't think anybody is complaining. In fact, another celebrity child seems to think the pink underwear was a much better choice compared to the alternatives:

Oh, and if you wanted to see the offending shot, check it out below. If a small sliver of pink underwear offends you, you've been warned:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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