Ruben Studdard One of American Idol's Biggest Selling Stars

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Ruben Studdard won the title of American Idol back in 2003, and to this day is one of the highest grossing singing stars to emerge from the show. Fresh off his success on The Biggest Loser, where he trimmed up and slimmed down big time, Studdard talked with NPR about his music career and how American Idol started him along his successful way.

Studdard also talked about his sixth studio album release since his Idol win, and how it's a combination of both cover songs and a few originals. He explained how he likes to cover other people's music.

"People are used to hearing particular songs a certain way. And so, to put a new and fresh take on classics is something that I think distinguishes the greats from the OKs," he said.

Unconditional Love was released in time for Valentine's Day, just a few weeks ago, and has seen incredible sales since then. Despite his present fame and fortune he still credits American Idol for his introduction to the music world.

"I didn't know it would be as big as it was. I knew that I wanted to be a professional musician. I've never wanted to have any other job as long as I can remember. And so, I just didn't think that God would give it to me like that," he said during his interview. "Like, you know, it used to be people say be careful what you pray for, because you might get a gallon of water instead of just a glass. And I really did get the gallon."

When asked if American Idol pressured him to fit a certain mold, Ruben had the following to say.

"There wasn't very much pressure to try to figure out who I was. I think there was just a lot of pressure trying to figure out where I fit in. The one thing about "American Idol" is that it puts you at such a high level, that you feel as if everything you do has to be at that level forever. We start so high. You know, most artists have an opportunity to kind of be developed and work their way through having a failed album and all that...," he said.

Ruben Studdard is definitely one of the successful ones. He joins the ranks of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson who, as everyone knows, rode their American Idol wins to the top of the music charts and to this day enjoy lucrative careers and lots of notoriety in the music world.

Studdard beat out runner up Clay Aiken in 2003. Aiken also went on to enjoy a successful music and theater career.

Aiken has since become involved in politics, and Ruben Studdard is one of his biggest supporters.

Not everyone believed in Ruben Studdard when he won American Idol. It looks like everyone who voted for him knew a good thing when they saw (and heard) it.

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