Ruben Studdard Kicked Off "Biggest Loser" Ranch

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Ruben Studdard knew he had a hard road ahead of him when he first joined "The Biggest Loser" this season; at 462 pounds, the former "American Idol" winner was well aware of the challenges he would face during his time on the show. But he didn't count on his teammates giving a poor show at weigh-in this week, and that's what ultimately led to his demise.

Studdard needed to drop eleven pounds to save his team, but had only lost five after a week of hard work.

"I worked really, really hard this week," he said on the show. "I swam extra. I walked extra....This experience is one of the toughest things I've been through. I've been through two-a-day football practices; I've been through the 'American Idol' experience; I've been through a lot of mentally and physically challenging experiences in my life. And this, you know, ranks right up there at the top."

One of those personal challenges might have been his divorce in 2011, which he filed for right before his album Letters From Birmingham came out.

“I had the opportunity to be married to a wonderful person. And for some reason two good people couldn’t make a good thing work. But in life, the one thing that I love about being an artist is that you can sometimes use the pain that you go through to make beautiful things," he said.

Of course, Studdard will continue working out at home in order to be a contender for a cash prize when she show is over, but for now, he says he's glad for his time at the ranch.

"My goal coming to 'The Biggest Loser' ranch was to leave here a changed person," he said. "I think I reached that goal."

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