Royals Billboard Is Brilliant And Creative

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The Kansas City Royals sure know how to promote themselves.

Last year the Royals had two billboards, one with James Shields pitching to the partner billboard of Salvador Perez catching the ball - which was ripping the vinyl off the billboard.

This year's billboard showcases outfielder Alex Gordon sliding across the billboard to a base (which base, I don't know), taking the vinyl of the billboard with him. (They really like ripping the vinyl off their billboards in Kansas City.)

The Royals took to their Twitter to show off the new billboard.

And of course there were many fans of the creative billboard.

In regards to the star of the billboard, Gordon will no longer be at the top spot of the roster. After the Royals acquired Norichika Aoki, who will bat first, Gordon was moved to the fifth spot, batting after Omar Infante, Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler.

"You never know what's going to happen with injuries (or) how people are going to play. We're going to iron all that out in spring training. But as of right now (Aoki) looks like a solid leadoff hitter. He's not going to strike out -- I did a lot and that's not typical of a leadoff hitter. He gets on base, he walks, he slaps the ball around. He's kind of the typical leadoff guy," said Gordon.

"Hitting later in the order, I'm still going to try to see pitches, but my job is to drive guys in and maybe hit with more power. I've hit there before and hopefully, I won't forget how," Gordon added.

The move to the fifth spot doesn't seem to bother the outfielder. "Baseball is not an easy game. I've experienced that firsthand. What are you going to do? Move on and hopefully learn from it. Hopefully, it won't happen this year."

Image via the Kansas City Royals official Twitter.

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