Royal Oak: Elderly Woman's Brutal Slaughter in Home Leads to No Knock List


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After the brutal murder of 80 year old Nancy Daily, the City of Royal Oak may generate a no knock list to keep solicitors from approaching residences.

Nancy was allegedly murdered on November 20th by two parolees, Tonia Watson (40) and Alan Wood (48), the pair was poor and addicted to drugs. A few weeks before her grim end in November, Nancy hired the two to rake her yard and paid them $40 for a half an hour's worth of work.

When the couple ran out of money they devised their plan to steal from Nancy: "Watson would knock on the front door, while Wood snuck into the home from a side door off the driveway."

Their plan did not go as smoothly as they had hoped, one they got Nancy's debit card they asked her for her pin but she couldn't remember it because she suffered from dementai.

Royal Oak Detective Carl Baretto detailed in court what Watson told him about the crime ” … Watson then stated that Wood left Dailey crying in pain on the floor – Watson stated that Wood pulled out and unfolded his knife and told her, “you know what I have to do.” Watson said she knew that Wood was going to kill Nancy Daily because she would be able to identify them. Watson then said that Wood used his knife to cut Nancy Daily’s throat and stab her in the neck,” Baretto read in court.

Wood got very upset and pulled her hair, stomped on her head, and eventually bound her to a chair where he slit her throat.


With this horrific occurrence in mind it is understandable why residents are trying to establish the no knock list.

According to CBS Detroit, Attorney Dave Gillam said “A homeowner would have the ability to have their name and address put on that list. And, essentially, that would make it illegal or unlawful for a solicitor to approach someone at that address for commercial purposes."

However, Gillam went on to say that he doubts that the list will protect people in the long run: "“If people wanna do bad things, they’re gonna find a way to do bad things anyway. Having a no knock list isn’t a complete safeguard for anyone,” he said. “It may be another tool in the toolbox, but it really isn’t the answer. And people always need to be careful and always need to be attentive.”

Molly lives in downtown Royal Oaks and said that she is bombarded with solicitors on the weekend. She claims that she gets up to three people coming to her door a day. She finds this type of marketing/networking threatening and invasive.

Are you tired of salesman knocking on your door? Do you think that door-to-door sales creates safety risks? Would you add your name to the no knock list?

Many seniors in Royal oak are in support of making the list a reality.