Royal Caribbean: Anthem Of The Seas Diverted To Miss Yet Another Storm

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Royal Caribbean is really suffering this cruise season thanks to stormy weather and a bit of what could be called bad judgement.

The Royal Caribbean ship, Anthem of the Seas sailed through a massive storm with wind gusts strong enough to blow deck chairs around and pound the ship with 40 foot waves last month, but managed to make it to shore with 4500 angry passengers.

Royal Caribbean has just narrowly avoided being in the same predicament this week.

Royal Caribbean said in a statement, “Anthem of the Seas is heading back to Cape Liberty (New Jersey) immediately to avoid a severe storm and provide guests with a comfortable journey back home.”

The statement continued, “We have been closely watching a weather system gaining strength off the coast of Cape Hatteras. Based on the most recent weather forecast, if Anthem of the Seas continues on its regular scheduled itinerary, the ship would encounter the brunt of the large and powerful storm on the return to Cape Liberty.”

They were expected to dock on Wednesday.

The decision was the result of new and improved methods of operation that came about after last month's fiasco.

Royal Caribbean surely can't afford another publicity hit like that one. Passengers recorded their dangerous situation on cell phones.

One passenger from the first Royal Caribbean storm incident is suing the cruise line for severe injuries he suffered.

Delaware resident Bruce Simpson filed the suit. He claims that Royal Caribbean officers knew the danger they were risking when taking the ship, staff and its 4500 passengers into a storm that had been forecasted.

Simpson said in the lawsuit that at one point, he was "hurled across the room with such force that he was knocked unconscious."

After Simpson was hurled across the room into a door, he suffered from a concussion, a bruise on his left eye, an injured wrist and pains and bruising in his neck, ribs and torso.

It seems Royal Caribbean at least made the right call in turning back this week's Anthem of the Seas voyage. What do you think?

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