Roy Orbison's Sons Create A New Track From An Old Recording

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It has been decades since Roy Orbison passed away, but his three sons have come together to make a new song in a special way. Through the use of new technology, they were able to create a song that had been previously unreleased, along with the help of their father's voice.

The project was able to be completed after Orbison's sons found an old vocal track for a song called "The Way Is Love." On May 20, 2014, a reissue of "Mystery Girl" will be re-released, featuring "The Way is Love," which is only one of nine previously unheard song on the album.

Wesley, Alex and Roy Orbison Jr. collaborated on the song "The Way Is Love," and it will be featured on the 25th anniversary reissue, and expansion of Orbison's final album. The album was released in 1989, just months after he died, and he was not able to see the chart topping success that it received.

Roy Orbison was known for such hits as "Oh, Pretty Woman" and "Only The Lonely." He went on tour with The Beatles in 1963, and between 1960 and 1965, he had 15 top 40 hits.

His career had been seeing a revival in popularity just before "Mystery Girl" was released, and he had just finished recording an album with modern stars such as Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty in a band called The Traveling Wilburys.

Alex Orbison, who is now 38 years old, contributed drums and backing vocals on the song. Speaking on the collaborative family effort, he said " It really brought us closer together in a lot of ways. We were able to finish it up and get it out by Father's Day, too, which was obviously special to us."

The song was originally recorded on a boombox, but the his three songs were able to reclaim it using new technology that was created in order to complete the project. They completed the project with the help of John Carter Cash, the son of another musical legend, Johnny Cash.

Roy Orbison was 52 years old at the time of his death in 1989, but fortunately through the use of technology, fans are able to hear him again, and in songs that have never been released.

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