Roxanne Chalifoux, World's Saddest Piccolo Player, Plays With The Roots

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Roxanne Chalifoux, also known as the crying piccolo player from Saturday's NCAA game wherein Villanova got bounced from the tournamnet, has some newfound fame to grapple with now.

As a senior in the university's pep band, Roxanne Chalifoux said that she was crying because it was her last time to play with them.

Roxanne Chalifoux further explained that her only concern was that she didn't want her dad to see her crying on the Jumbotron.

"I saw myself on the Jumbotron and all I could think about was that my dad was at the game," Roxanne Chalifoux said.

She added, "I didn't want him to see me crying. Little did I know that it was going to end up all over the Internet and that [my dad seeing me crying] was the least of my worries. It's just easy to get emotional, especially when you're a senior. That just changed the game for me."

Roxanne Chalifoux's instant celebrity status did come with a few perks, though.

On Monday night's episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Roxanne Chalifoux got to play her piccolo with The Roots!

Roxanne Chalifoux explained to Jimmy Fallon that her viral internet celebrity status is mindblowing.

"All I thought I did was cry on national television," Roxanne Chalifoux said.

She added, "It's sort of a funny story...In the beginning, I'm looking up at the Jumbotron so I saw myself on it and all I could think about was my dad was at the game, and I was really—I didn't want him to see me crying. But, then it turned into like everyone saw me crying!"

Jimmy Fallon couldn't hold in his laughter, of course, saying, "Everyone in the whole entire world! But...I loved it! I love the emotion! You should be emotional!"

Fallon then proceeded to give Roxanne Chalifoux a review of some of the memes that have been circling the internet that feature her with Joe Biden and John Travolta.

Roxanne Chalifoux even walked away with a gift basket full of ice cream and Tonight Show swag. He even presented her with Taylor Swift tickets!

Were you sad for Roxanne Chalifoux when you saw her crying?

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