Rosario Dawson Will Star In Marvel's 'Luke Cage' On Netflix, Joins Simone Missick And Theo Rossi

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It has been confirmed that the Marvel series Luke Cage has added new actors to the cast.

Rosario Dawson will appear in Luke Cage along with fellow actors Simone Missick and Theo Rossi, Deadline reported. The three will join actors Alfre Woodard and Mike Colter.

Dawson will return as Claire Temple. In the comics, Claire Temple was romantically linked to Luke Cage. Naturally, she will play the love interest for Colter’s character in the third Marvel -Netflix superhero series. The actress who first appeared on Daredevil was also set to play in another Marvel series, Jessica Jones.

The Good Wife actor, Colter, is set to play the title role. His character will be introduced in Jessica Jones before jumping into Luke Cage.

EW reported that Rossi, who was best known for playing Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz on Sons of Anarchy, will play Shades in the upcoming series. In the comics, Shades is a notorious criminal who escaped prison at Seagate.

On the other hand, Missick will portray New York ex-cop, Misty Knight, who got her bionic arm from Tony Stark, according to Deadline.

As for Alfre Woodard, he will play Black Mariah, the major archenemy of Luke Cage in the upcoming Marvel series.

Luke Cage tells the story of a wrongly-accused man, who acquired superhuman powers after a botched experiment. He then fled from prison and became a superhero for hire.

The series is produced by Marvel Television in connection with ABC Studios for Netflix. Cheo Hodari Coker is the program’s show runner and executive producer.

Expect awesome fight scenes and great acting from the cast as they effectively portray the characters every Marvel fan loves.

Luke Cage is set to premiere on Netflix in 2016.

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