Rory Feek: Watch His Touching Video Tribute To Cancer-Stricken Wife Joey

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Rory Feek continues to do everything to show his undying love to cancer-stricken wife, Joey. His blog, This Life I Live has been a diary of sorts that chronicles the emotional journey he has taken with his wife during her battle with the disease.

Joey was diagnosed with cancer in June 2014 and underwent chemotherapy and surgical treatment. Unfortunately, the reoccurrence of the tumors worsened the cancer to a Stage IV, prompting Joey and Rory Feek to decide that it was best for her to stop treatment and just spend the rest of her days in her hometown of Alexandria, Indiana.

Aside from his blog, Rory Feek has also utilized social media to share his wife’s most precious moments with their fans and followers. In a recent blog post that was published on February 29, Rory announced that Joey has decided to say her final goodbyes to her family, including their two-year-old daughter, Indiana.

He also explained that his wife has decided that “enough is enough” and that she was ready to stop fighting and “go home.” Since then, Joey Feek has gone into a deep sleep that neither Rory nor the rest of their family expect her to wake up to.

As Rory Feek starts to come to grips with his wife’s impending death, he managed to create another beautiful tribute to the memories they shared together.

He spent the weekend going through their old photos, which date back to the moments of their first meeting. Rory also discovered a song they had previously recorded but never made it onto any of their albums.

The song, which is called “In The Time That You Gave Me” brought Rory Feek to both tears of joy and sadness.

Rory Feek Makes this Video Tribute to his Wife, Joey

"I could barely listen or watch at first.  But then, as I listened and watched more… I smiled more and I cried less," he wrote on the blog.

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