Rory Feek Shares Poignant Memories, Video of Joey Feek's Public Memorial Service

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Rory Feek shared poignant memories of the memorial service celebrating the life of his late wife, Joey Feek, in her hometown of Alexandria, Indiana on Sunday, on his blog, This Life I Live on Friday.

"We took one final tour-bus ride home. To Joey’s town. To grieve with and celebrate with the people in her community. And to lift up one of their own with tears and joy and songs and speeches," Rory wrote.

"In the Alexandria High School gymnasium--the same place where Joey had played basketball and volleyball and cheered for her home team--a few thousand people gathered together in her honor. But this time, the cheers were all for her."

Rory Feek explained that while two-year-old daughter Indiana napped following their drive from Tennessee, he sat on the floor of the Joey + Rory tour bus and jotted down a few things we wanted to say at Joey's memorial.

"A few minutes before, as Indy was still napping, I sat in the back hallway of the bus and did my best to come up with a few words to say…to thank this town and to lift up my beautiful bride and this community," Rory penned.

"Bill and Gloria Gaither hosted the celebration and they and a number of family and friends came up one by one to speak. Joey’s mother and father sang a hymn and shared a few words from their hearts. Her sister Jody talked about being by our side as Joey’s caregiver for the last few months and how Joey has impacted her as a woman and mother. And hometown-hero Carl Erskine, who pitched for the Dodgers in 40’s and 50’s played his harmonica and shared wisdom about raising a child with Down Syndrome with me. Joey’s high school coach Mr Howell even gave me a letter jacket from the high school with Joey’s name on it. An honor that is especially meaningful to a man who’s favorite movie is ‘Hoosiers’ and never lived in one town long enough to play sports or get the chance to try to earn one on his own," he added.

Following Rory Feek's turn to speak at Joey's memorial, he and Indy watched a video featuring Joey Feek.

"It was hard and beautiful to watch at the same time," he shared.

"The whole day was so special. Thank you to everyone who was there and to everyone who wished they could be there with us. Like me, I know my wife would’ve found a way to see the beauty in this sad day," Rory added.

Bill Gaither gave Rory Feek a short excerpt of Joey's memorial to share on his blog.

Sunday's memorial service for the Joey + Rory singer was the final service for Joey Feek. Rory Feek, family members, and close friends celebrated her life at a private funeral on their Tennessee farm on the Tuesday before. Joey was buried afterward in the small family cemetery on the farm.

Now that the services are over, Rory Feek can start figuring out how to move forward--as a single dad to little Indiana, and as a husband without his beloved wife. Surely countless people are praying for Rory Feek to find his way.

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