Ronda Rousey In Love With WWE's CM Punk

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Ronda Rousey is the current UFC bantam weight champion, and considered to be the best pound-for-pound woman fighter in the word. However, despite her toughness, Rousey is still a woman, and recently expressed her admiration for WWE star Phil Brooks, also known as CM Punk.

After defending her title for the second time against Sara McMann on February 22 in Las Vegas, Rousey got a chance to meet and hang out with Punk. She admitted that her first impression was not very good, and did not go as smoothly as she had planned. "I think the first thing I said to him was 'I love you,' which was terrible and not smooth at all," Roused revealed. Rousey described Punk as "super cool" and "sexy."

Rousey and her roommates Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke are all huge WWE fans, and have made it a Monday night ritual to watch Raw. They even have a special name for themselves ... "The Four Horsewomen."

When asked if she would like to be involved in professional wresting, Rousey explained that she would consider it, but that she has an awful lot on her plate right now. "Professionally, who knows?" Rousey said. "Me and all the girls are huge fans. If they were all down to do something, I'd be happy to jump in with them. But I have the most hectic schedule ever with the fights and the movies right now and adding an entire career on top of that right now is a tall order."

Not only has Rousey been defending her title, she has also been cast in several films. Her first two films were the Fast and Furious and Expendables that are scheduled to debut sometime this year. She is currently working on Entourage , set to premiere this fall, and has another film The Athena Project lined up after that. Needless to say, Rousey is staying incredibly busy.

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