Ronda Rousey Gets Great Reviews For "Expendables 3"

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Ronda Rousey has been making headlines for time spent in the UFC ring this year, but now that she's a movie star she's getting a lot more press...and a lot more critiques.

Rousey is used to being a standout female in a male-dominated sport, and Expendables 3 was no exception. The bantamweight champ is getting great reviews for her turn as Luna in the action film, with several critics pointing her out as a breath of fresh air in a movie that has essentially already been done twice before.

"She is the only significant female character in the film but is woefully underused," wrote Geoffrey Macnab of The Independent. " She is at the top of her (very savage) sport but the film treats her as if she is a glorified Miss Moneypenny. She dresses like a secretary even as she works as a nightclub bouncer."

Rousey's wardrobe was a main point of contention with Indiewire, as well, who wrote, "The film momentarily spikes when a young female Expendable is introduced, played by wrestler Ronda Rousey, although it dips just as suddenly when it becomes very clear that she is the only Expendable whose paramilitary get-up has a plunging neckline."

All the attention has made Rousey a bit uncomfortable, especially when it came time to actually watch her own performance in the film.

"Anyone I was watching the movie with would look at my face to see my reaction to watching myself and so I got self-conscious about how I looked watching me," she said.

Rousey expressed concern earlier this year that her careers were tied up in one another, saying that her July match against Alexis Davis had a lot riding on it.

“The only thing I care about is beating Alexis. My whole fighting career and my whole Hollywood career depend on it,” she said.

She needn't have worried; she beat Davis in an incredible 16 seconds.

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