Ronda Kamihira: Kris Jenner's BFF Dating Bruce Jenner?

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Ronda Kamihira, who is said to be one of Kris Jenner's best friends, is rumored to now be dating Bruce Jenner since the two were spotted at an Elton John concert back on October 4th. Is there any truth behind this rumor? Or were two old friends simply enjoying a little 'Rocket Man' and 'The Bitch is Back' entertainment instead? Is this simply more Keeping Up With the Kardashians drama?

TMZ says the two are 'hooking up.'

Ronda Kamihira is 51. She is divorced--as Kris and Bruce Jenner will soon be--and she is the mother of two. The Jenner and Kamihira families are neighbors. They've been friends for years--and the two families purportedly even spent some holidays together. It certainly wouldn't sound all that strange if Bruce Jenner took Ronda to a concert--do you think?

Yet TMZ insists something far more devious is at play. They report that Kris Jenner is "extremely upset" about the relationship between Bruce and Ronda Kamihira.

"It really stings because Ronda never told Kris she started seeing Bruce," their source claims.

Hollywood Life has also hopped on the 'poor Kris Jenner' bandwagon--claiming she feels both duped and betrayed by Ronda.

“This has got to be one of the biggest blows to Kris in her life. She feels completely duped by Ronda. It’s complete and utter betrayal,” a source says.

“It hurts badly because Ronda was one of her best friends, especially when she was contemplating filing for divorce from Bruce. Ronda was also one of the first to know Bruce was moving out,” the source adds.

It seems Kris is beyond upset because she broke what Hollywood Life calls a 'secret girl code.' You never date your best friend's ex.'

And then there's the matter of Bruce Jenner.

“Kris could strangle Bruce. She doesn’t understand how he could do this to her after all these years. He could date anyone, anybody on Earth. But Ronda? She was so close to the family. Kris is so devastated and she wouldn’t care if she never spoke to Bruce ever again!” the source insists.

How serious do you suppose this situation is? Did the media simply run rampant with a rumor or did Ronda Kamihira really break that secret girl code?

And don't forget--it wasn't so long ago that rumors ran rampant about Bruce Jenner wanting to become a woman. Now he's supposedly dating one?

Such is the life of anyone even remotely connected to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan. Fans will simply have to stay tuned--both to the media reports and the reality show--to learn what is really happening.

And even then, they may never know.

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