Ron Reagan Honors Mother, Nancy Reagan

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Ron Reagan, the son of former president Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, had sweet words for his late mother this week as the country continued to mourn the loss of a great first lady.

On a phone call for Today, Ron Reagan told of the love his mother and father had for each other all throughout their 52-year-long marriage.

He said, "She loved her husband more than anything in the world, and I think you can make the case that the Ronald Reagan that we all came to know as president would not have existed without Nancy Reagan."

Such sweet words for Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan.

Ron Reagan also spoke of some of the flack she caught from feminists of the time and working women because she was so devoted to her husband.

Matt Lauer added that Nancy Reagan once said that everything she did in the first year was misunderstood.

Statement by Joanne Drake, Spokesperson, on the death of Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Los Angeles – Nancy Davis Reagan, former First Lady of the United States, died this morning at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 94. The cause of death was congestive heart failure. Mrs. Reagan will be buried at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, next to her husband, Ronald Wilson Reagan, who died on June 5, 2004. Prior to the funeral service, there will be an opportunity for members of the public to pay their respects at the Library. Details will be announced shortly. In lieu of flowers, Mrs. Reagan requested that contributions be made to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation at For continuous information on the week’s events, please visit the Reagan Library’s web site at

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Matt Lauer asked Ron Reagan about the love story between Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

Ron Reagan said, "Once they had bonded together, they really were inseparable ...I mean, it sounds cliche, but I don't think that they ever spent a day apart where they didn't call [or] speak on the phone. He wrote her letters all her life, all his life.They were in love."

Ron Reagan concluded by saying, "She knew how to love somebody."

What do you think about Ron Reagan's words for his mother?

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