Ron Jeremy Gets Intimate With A “Wrecking Ball”

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Ron Jeremy is best known for his porn career, but he’s made a name for himself in mainstream films over the years as well. While he’s taken on some quirky roles--for instance, “God” in “Return To Nuke ‘Em High Part 2”--none really compare to the one he’s made for himself in a parody of the Miley Cyrus song “Wrecking Ball”.

The real video has been viewed millions of times and has been parodied at least that many, but that didn’t deter Jeremy from making one of his own. In it, he basically mimics everything Miley did--riding a wrecking ball in a crop top and underwear, writhing around on a pile of bricks, singing into the camera. It may not be as sexy as what Miley did, but you have to admit, the man has a certain something. Maybe that’s why he’s been around for so long.

Miley had an interesting year in 2013, to say the least. The singer endured a very public breakup with actor Liam Hemsworth, became one of the most talked about celebrities of the year after her racy performance at the MTV VMAs with Robin Thicke, and continued to sex up her stage performances--and videos--to the point that she's actually been banned in France.

Cyrus and Britney Spears were so sexy in their videos--"Wrecking Ball" and "Work, Bitch", respectively--that officials in France have kept them off the airwaves before 10 p.m. Surprisingly, Spears says she gets it.

“A lot of sex goes into what I do but sometimes I would like to bring it back to the old days when there was like, one outfit through the whole video, and you’re dancing the whole video, and there’s not that much sex stuff going on,” she said.

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