Ron Burgundy is Now a Commercial Star [VIDEO]

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There are very few times when commercials render DVRs useless outside of Super Bowl Sunday, and this is one of those times. Chrysler has Will Ferrell in character as Ron Burgundy in some new commercials to promote the 2014 Dodge Durango, which you might have missed while in a hurry to keep watching your TV show.

Don't be too disappointed if you didn't get to take in the undeniable greatness that is Ron Burgundy, as Dodge has posted all of the ads online. Under Dodge's YouTube page featuring the Ron Burgundy commercials, they have the tagline: "Durango. Burgundy. It's kind of a big deal."

True story. Even though Dodge's cars aren't made of the finest mahogany, they're still kind of a big deal, especially now that Ron Burgundy is endorsing them. There are several commercials, so make sure your keyboard is at an appropriate distance from any beverage you happen to be sipping on and turn up those speakers.

Lie in Wait

Staring Contest

Ballroom Dancers

Gumball Machine


And in case you're wondering how Chrysler came up with enough money to get someone like Will Ferrell to promote their cars, they didn't.

Ferrell agreed to be in the Chrysler commercials only if he could star as Ron Burgundy, to promote Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which is hitting theaters in December. According to Olivier Francois, Chrysler's marketing chief, Ferrell was given free reign with the ads, which is a gutsy move considering we're talking about Will Ferrell.

The commercials have been a hit so far. “If I run an ad with running footage and a couple of stats, it would just get lost,” said Tim Kuniskis, CEO of the Dodge brand. “Now I can run an ad with Will Ferrell and immediately everyone is going to pay attention, look, notice.”

Check out the Anchorman 2 trailer below.

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