Roddy White Takes His Share Of The Blame

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The Atlanta Falcons are 2-4. They were embarrassed on their own field last week against the Chicago Bears, taking a 27-13 beating. When everything seems to go wrong on a team that is supposed to be a Super Bowl contender, many players and coaches must accept their share of the blame. Veteran wide receiver Roddy White is not about making excuses, he knows that there have been catchable passes that he's dropped. And, he knows that if the Falcons are going to bounce back and make a run at the playoffs, then he needs to step up his game.

"I've gotten off to a really slow start," White said. "Not one of my favorable years that I'm having. But I've got to turn my game around for our team to start playing better. I'm a leader on this team, and I haven't been going out there and playing like Roddy White football. I've got to get back to just being myself -- go out there and just cut it loose -- and whatever happens, happens."

The 32-year-old receiver has caught 19 catches in five games this season. He also has three dropped passes, which ties him for the fourth most in the NFL among wide receivers.

One of those dropped passes came in a critical point in last week's game against the Bears. “I kind of took my eyes of the ball and tried to look for safety and see where he was at,” White explained. “Then, before he got there I dropped it and then he hit me. That was just one bad play of many that we had.” He added, "It was one of those crucial ones in the game where if I had caught it, it would have made a difference."

While White is no longer considered the number one wide receiver on the team, that distinction goes to Julio Jones, his role is still vital to the success of the Falcons. His frustration on not being in sync with quarterback Matt Ryan is evident. "When you go out there and practice and execute plays and things come up that way in a game and you don't get it done, it's frustrating on your behalf because all my career I've made those plays," White said. "Right now, I'm just not making them. It's frustrating for me that I feel like I'm letting my team down in those circumstances. I've got to do a better job of just helping everybody else around the offense; just going out there and making the plays that they design for me to make."

White and the Falcons will look to bounce back this Sunday on the road against a very tough Baltimore Ravens (4-2) team.

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