Roddy Piper Talks WWE And Vince McMahon


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Roddy Piper has always been just a little better at trash talk than wrestling. He has been bashing a lot of his colleagues over the last few days and seems to be disappointed with the entire professional wrestling industry in general.

Piper has been making jabs at Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and TNA for a while now, but he has recently turned his frustrations on Vince McMahon and WWE as well. He makes appearances on wrestling circuits all over the world, even the ones he obviously has a problem with.

Piper recently bashed TNA while at a show in Ireland. The crowd was fairly small and Piper joked that there was just as many people at the show as there usually are at TNA matches. He also urged the crowd to chant “F*** you TNA.”

Next he went on a rant about Ric Flair and his adulterous behavior. According to The Wrestling Observer, Piper said that Flair was an “a**hole” who can’t keep his clothes on and who “can’t keep his d**k in his pants.”

Piper and Flair wrestled together for years and Piper admitted that he has a lot of respect for Flair and even "loves" him, but just can't stand to be around him because of how he acts.

After bashing Ric Flair and TNA, Piper directed his anger at Vince McMahon and the WWE. He claims that Vince McMahon is holding a grudge against him. Piper said that several years ago McMahon insulted him and Piper snapped, telling him that he was a failed concert promoter, a failed bodybuilding promoter, and a failed football promoter, and the only reason the WWE is successful is because Vince’s father handed it to him.

He also implied that he would like to go up against McMahon in the ring saying,

“I guess if it’s against Vince McMahon or Vince Russo I would wrestle again, those would be for free.”

Piper has been angry with Vince Russo for many years and has even accused him of killing Owen Hart and ruining WCW.

While Piper is known for blowing smoke, he seems seriously upset at the moment.

Do you think Vince McMahon or Vince Russo would ever accept a match against Piper and if they did would it settle things once and for all?