Rock Band Blitz Battles For Relevancy In August


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It's been a while since we've seen a new Rock Band title come out. You remember Rock Band, right? Before Harmonix began teaching you some new dance moves with Dance Central on the Kinect, they were teaching you how to play a plastic guitar in Rock Band. Everybody has thrown out their plastic guitar peripherals which is why Rock Band Blitz is actually pretty exciting - it's controlled exclusively via a normal controller.

For those who can't fathom such a thing, Harmonix was already king of the controller-based rhythm game with Amplitude and Frequency. If you haven't played either, you really should track them down on the PS2 before Rock Band Blitz comes out. If you have played either of Harmonix' old PS2 games, then you will instantly recognize the kind of gameplay featured in Rock Band Blitz.

Harmonix announced today that Rock Band Blitz will hit the PSN on August 28 and Xbox Live Arcade on August 29. The game will ship with a little over 20 songs including hits from Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance and Kool & The Gang. While 20 songs doesn't sound like much, Rock Band Blitz can take advantage of all the songs you have bought for the older Rock Bands over the years. That's over 1,000 songs at launch and new songs are released every week.

For gamers who still prefer the old-fashioned method of playing Rock Band, all of the songs included in Rock Band Blitz will become immediately playable in Rock Band 3 upon purchase. It's a nice gesture for the three people who actually still care about music games.

If you still aren't sold on Rock Band Blitz, check out the trailers below. It may just convince you to give up on your career of becoming a back-up dancer and get back to being an imaginary rock star.