Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees Announced


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The nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have been announced for the year 2014. A variety of genres are represented with this year's nominations, including grunge, old school rap, pop, and a few British rock groups. There are a total of 16 members that received the nomination.

There are only five acts that will be inducted, and those with the most votes will be inducted at a ceremony held in New York City in April. The museum is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Nirvana is one of the more notable inductees this year, as they are nominated in their first year of eligibility. The grunge rock band formed in 1987 from Aberdeen, Washington, and was one of the biggest leaders in the Seattle grunge scene. Rock fans will be excited to hear of their nomination, as well as the popular and controversial rock group Kiss, led by their front-man Gene Simmons.

In addition to Nirvana, this year's list spans more than six decades of rock and pop history, including both major pop successes and influential players in the music industry. They are joined by several others including pioneers of the rap genre, N.W.A., a few British rock bands, and several solo artists including Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, Linda Rondstadt, and LL Cool J.

The Hall of Fame's president and CEO, Greg Harris, is also excited about the number of first-time nominees that are present with this year's batch of nominations. He also mentioned that "It's remarkably diverse in the type of bands that are on it." It is good to see such a diverse crowd inducted into this type of a museum, letting fans of all different kinds of music enjoy the memories of their favorite groups.

The nominations are also important this year especially because, for the second time in history after last year, fans will be able to pick their favorites as well. This new added feature will allow fans to pick their favorite bands and solo acts that they wish to be inducted, and have until December 10th to do so.

The full list of Rock And Roll Hall of Fame nominees can be seen here, and fans are able to cast their vote on the website as well. What do you think of the nominees? Will you be casting your vote for any of the nominees?

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