Robocop Statue Looking For A Home In Detroit

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Just in time for the remake's release, a group of artists are creating an homage to "Robocop" that will stand 10-feet tall, and they want to try and find a home for it in Detroit.

The city, which is reportedly in dire financial straits and considered selling off works from its Institute of Arts in order to raise money to get out of bankruptcy, doesn't have a spot for the statue yet. However, the group responsible for the work of art says they want to secure a location this spring for a fall installation.

Giorgio Gikas of Venus Bronze Works is overseeing the project, which is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $60,000. And if you think building a detailed sculpture of a man-machine out of bronze is easy, think again. The team responsible for creating it says that each section may require several different molds in order to capture details like teeth and the many grooves in Robocop's armor.

Check out the video below, which goes into detail about the 7-year long project.

Image via Vimeo

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