Robin Wright Calls Off Engagement To Fiancé 14 Years Her Junior, Says He Was Too Immature

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Robin Wright, 49 and Ben Foster, 34, called it quits on the whole engagement thing for the second time after calling their first engagement off last November 2014. According to an insider, their 14-year age difference is one of the factors that caused them to call off their engagement.

“Ben was kind of immature,” an insider said, “Robin Wright couldn’t deal with him anymore.”

They had their engagement for the second time last December 2014, but then their schedules got crazy and Wright realized it was not the right decision.

Though this couple have an on and off relationship, they were able to keep this split quiet from the media, the source said, they called of their engagement a few months ago.

Robin Wright and Ben Foster met on the set of their show Rampart last 2011, and started dating early 2012 when they were reportedly seen together in Australia. They got engaged the first time last January 2014.

In February 2014 Wright opened up about her divorce from her second husband Sean Penn, and proudly said that she moved on with the help of Foster. She also said that Foster’s first proposal was a pleasant surprise.

“His proposal was such a shock,” Wright told The Daily Telegraph. “But we felt married anyway. We’ve been together ever since the first date,” she added.

In March 2014, Wright told Vanity Fair how Foster inspired her to be the best of her.

“There’s so much to learn.  It’s endless. How great!” Wright said in the interview.

November 2014, they called of their first so-called great engagement but then were reunited a few months after.

“They gave it another go,” the insider also said, “but were still having the same issues.”  The issues of her age difference and lack of time with her fiancé age differenceage differenceare lessons Robin Wright may need to learn from just in case she wants to give their engagement yet another try.

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