Robin Thicke Still Trying To Win Back Paula


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Robin Thicke has made countless attempts to get his ex-wife back, and his most recent may be the most heartfelt yet.

While performing a debut of a song from his album “Forever Love,” he pleaded with his wife to come back to him.

Thicke belted out the lyrics of the song while fog rolled behind him and tears fell from his face.

Before he began performing, he dedicated the song to her saying, “To my wife to say I miss you, and I’m sorry.”

Thicke and his ex have been separated for some time now and he has tried everything to get her back.

After he finished performing on Sunday, he posted a Tweet of the couple together and embracing.

If the performance and tweet weren’t enough, who can forget that he titled his newest album Paula.

The songs on the Paula album all seem to be dedicated to Thicke’s ex and are much similar to the music he recorded before his Blurred Lines success.

While the songs may not make the Top 40 chart, Thicke’s fans are likely to enjoy them just as much as his newer song styles.

Thicke uses Twitter a lot in his attempts to convince his ex how much he loves her and wants her back, but it seems to be coming off as sad instead of romantic.

What is your favorite Robin Thicke song and do you think he will win his ex back?

Image via Wikimedia Commons