Robert De Niro Stars in “The Family”, In Theaters Today


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If there's anything Robert De Niro has a knack for, it's bringing the Mafia world to life on the big screen. With memorable films like “Good Fellas” and “The God Father”, De Niro has an impeccable reputation of portraying the brash, callous Italian mobster. Now, he's made his way back to theaters with “The Family”.

According to ABC News, the Luc Besson-directed film, centers around the Manzoni family. When Giovanni Manzoni (De Niro) snitches on a few of his mob friends, he becomes an exiled entity and a target within the mafia, which places his family in imminent danger. As a result of his confessions, the family is placed in the Witness Protection Program, abruptly uprooted, and relocated to Normandy, France. The objective is to lay low, and that just happens to be the crux of the problem. Introversion is not a trait that runs in the Manzoni family. So remaining unseen and unheard is nearly impossible, which is how all hell breaks loose.



The film has been coined as a dark comedy, with De Niro reincarnating his ever-popular, 'Mr. Focker' persona, fusing it with his signature, cynical nature as a mobster. The quick-wit banter of the film puts a fresh new spin on big screen Mafia life.

According to Today, De Niro stars alongside Michelle Pfeiffer in “The Family”, which only adds even more anticipation, given their on-screen reputation to deliver laudably. “The Family” opens in theaters nationwide, today Friday Sept. 13.


Image Via Wikimedia Commons