Rob Lowe Under Fire for Insensitive Tweets About Paris Terror Attacks

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Rob Lowe has coming under significant fire since posting what many consider insensitive Tweets regarding the terror attacks in Paris.

While many celebrities took to social media to share their shock, grief, prayers, and concerns, Rob Lowe called out France's president.

His Tweets began innocently enough.

Then the feel of Rob Lowe's Tweets changed dramatically.

Rob Lowe was quickly berated for his Tweets.

Rob Lowe didn't take kindly to these comments, and did his best to defend himself.

Were Rob Lowe's initial remarks misconstrued? Were his more recent Tweets a case of "too little, too late?"

Not everyone believes Rob Lowe is insensitive. At least Scott Baio doesn't.

What's your take on Rob Lowe's comments regarding yesterday's massacre in Paris?

Might it be that everyone was very much on edge, and lashing out was something they could do to feel proactive?

Kimberly Ripley
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