Rob Kardashian: Is He in Rehab? Kris Jenner Says No

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Rob Kardashian is rumored to be in rehab. Word has circulated for the past few days that he checked himself into a rehab facility.

Kris Jenner says it's not true, however.

"Completely fabricated," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch told Entertainment Tonight.

A source also confirmed Us Weekly that Rob Kardashian isn't in rehab.

Rob Kardashian has made lots of negative news recently. Since putting on a lot of weight he has avoided the spotlight--even skipping out on sister Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West a year ago. When he compared Kim to the evil female character in Gone Girl--calling her 'the bitch from Gone Girl' in an Instagram post, many feared he was losing control. He has since deleted the offensive post.

Despite these incidents, sources say Rob Kardashian is working hard at losing weight and is doing much better these days. He even shared a very heart felt message with stepdad Bruce Jenner, following his interview in April with Diane Sawyer.

Perhaps Rob Kardashian is hoping for a big reveal like the one Bruce Jenner will eventually have when he comes up fully as a woman. Maybe once Rob has lost more weight he, too, will come back into the limelight and become more active with his family members in public.

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