Rob Kardashian Exercising, Getting Out More--Says Milkshakes Root of All Evil

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Rob Kardashian has been both exercising and getting out of the house more in recent weeks. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star put on a lot of weight over the past few years and has suffered from what appears like depression for quite some time now. He even skipped out on sister Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West more than a year ago.

It was just over a week ago, however, that Rob Kardashian was out near his home--either jogging or walking--when he bumped into sister Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga--who were working out as well.

Earlier in August Rob Kardashian and sister Kim Kardashian went out for a hike. Kim took to Twitter to post about their workout.

Fans of Rob Kardashian are no doubt thrilled that he's emerging from hiding more and more, and that one of the reasons is for getting some exercise. The only thing worse than gaining weight and feeling awful about it is remaining secluded and doing nothing about it.

Recently Rob Kardashian hinted that the root of his weight gain was milkshakes. While a diet of too many milkshakes will cause weight gain, his issues likely stem from deeper emotional reasons.

Rob Kardashian clearly has the support of some of his family members. That will certainly help boost his self-esteem and encourage him to continue working toward these new health goals. Once he starts to lose some weight he'll no doubt feel better, and will perhaps be ready to deal with some of the underlying issues he faces.

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