Rob Gronkowski Is Warm For Tebow's Form

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You've probably heard of the game "Marry, Shag, or Kill" (here in the states, "shag" is replaced with another, less blog-friendly word); it involves someone giving you three choices in the celebrity world, which you then have to assign to one of the above categories. The trick is to pick three really undesirable people (or at least one person of the opposite sexual orientation) to offer as choices. In honor of Friday the 13th, I'll reference the film "Freddy Vs. Jason", which has a scene where three friends are playing the game; the participant has to choose between the Three Stooges (which, ironically, could be tied in to this post by way of advertising for the remake, which opens this weekend, but I refuse to dishonor my man Curly Howard by doing so). When all of the choices are bad, the outcome is funny.

When New England Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski was asked recently by a student questioner at Edwards Stadium to play the game, he not only obliged, he got a little cheeky with it. His choices? Betty White, Jets coach Rex Ryan, and Tim Tebow.

“I would "f" Tebow, to take his virginity,” Gronkowski said.

The video has now gone viral.

What, no love for Betty White?

Amanda Crum
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