Road Rage Viral Karma Continues: Driver Arrested

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Just when you thought the karma was over for the road-raging driver of a black pickup truck, it appears the story has taken yet another schadenfreude-fused turn.

The man previously known only as "deranged redneck driver" has since been identified as Jeffrey White.

White was taped about a week ago aggressively driving behind Tracy Lynn Sloan. Sloan claimed that the man had been tailgating her in an intimidating manner for roughly four minutes prior to her decision to film the incident.

Near the end of the video, which she later uploaded to YouTube, you can see White aggressively attempt to cut off Sloan not once, but twice.

The 33-year-old takes the time to flip the woman off as he smugly passes her in his truck, only to lose control and run smack dab into a utility pole.

As far as Sloan was concerned, the incident itself was the beginning and end of the matter.

The Florida authorities felt differently.

The video, which is staunch proof of law-breaking behaviors by White, has led to an arrest. He's being charged with leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, and failure to wear a seat belt.

Some have since chided Sloan for her own behavior in the video, from her decision to speed up and not initially let the bully just go down the road (she says she wasn't speeding up) to her mocking the accident which could have seen White seriously injured.

She does admit feeling guilty for laughing at him.

The bigger question must be does White feel guilty for his stupid behavior? After all, a moment of road rage got him international recognition for all the wrong reasons. Not to mention he's been arrested for his crude and unsafe behavior.

Regardless of how people view the incident or Sloan's decision to record the now viral video (9 million and counting), there is a lesson here for everyone.

Respect the rules of the road and your fellow drivers and you are less likely to have the universe crap on you in the form of an accident, a humiliating viral video, and an arrest.

Drive safely!

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