Road Rage Video: Man Flips Off Driver, Immediately Crashes

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Road rage is an unfortunate part of driving anywhere these days; if you live in Lexington, Kentucky, for instance, you know all about the horrendous traffic that would make even the calmest person punch their mother in the throat out of frustration. Sometimes, getting upset on the road can't be helped.

But other times, all it takes is a little patience, and when you act out while driving you just might get a little smack from Karma. One Florida man learned that the hard way when he tailgated a woman, sped around her to flip her off, and then crashed into a median. Luckily for us, the entire thing was caught on tape as a learning experience.

33-year old Jeffrey White of Tampa fled the scene of the crash after a friend came to help tow him out of a ditch and was later arrested for doing so. He took out a light pole and did extensive damage to the area, but no one was injured...this time.

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Amanda Crum
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