Rita Ora Gets Therapy For Having Extreme Fear Of Death

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Rita Ora admits she has an extreme fear of death and this led the singer to seek professional help. The X-Factor judge has been attending therapy since she was little.

Her fear stemmed from her experience when she was seven years old. In an interview with The Guardian, she made mention of a traumatic experience while playing hide and seek with her friends in Earl’s Court in London.

"I was seven - no-one found me and I thought I was going to get stolen by ghosts," said Ora, recalling how terrified she was at the thought of being abandoned in a cemetery.

She remembered how she had panic attacks as a child after that.

The "Poison" singer confessed that she has been going to therapy since then and she tries to go for therapy once a week now.

But looking at the bright side, Ora’s experience made her see life in a new perspective. She has grown from a scared child to a wise woman.

Ora said, “I started to value things, see things differently. This world can really eat you up and you can forget who you are."

At the age of 24, the singer has accomplished so much and the thought of dying makes her even more grateful for the blessings she has. Ora had been a judge on The Voice and now she is an X-Factor judge. Ora is also the new face of an Italian underwear brand Tezenis.

However, recently, Ora has been criticized for working with RnB singer Chris Brown. It seems like people cannot forget Brown’s beating of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009.

Ora says she believes Brown is a “good person with a good heart,” she spoke with The Sun in June.

When asked about her rumored rivalry with Rihanna, the singer said she was a “huge fan” of the singer.

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