Ringo Starr, Former Beatle, Releases "Photograph" Album


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Ringo Starr (a.k.a. Richard Starkey) is one of the best-known British musicians around, as well as performing as the drummer for the legendary 1960's pop band The Beatles. Apart from his success with The Beatles, Starr spawned a solo career as well and recently released a new project called "Photograph."

According to CBS News, back in 1964, when The Beatles visited America to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show, the popular band was the subject of various photographs taken, not only by screaming fans but by the press as well. Even the band members themselves had cameras as Starr stated to CBS below.

"It was so great, it was exciting, we were coming to America, the musical land of our dreams. We all had cameras, a drink a cigarette - those were the three things we all carried all the time."

With this in mind, you may now have the impression now that the "Photograph" project by Starr is not an album of music but an album of images that include various photographs from the band's first appearance in the United States. The pictures were found in Starr's basement and later compiled into a genuine archive of Starr's past.

The Los Angeles Times states that a digital copy of "Photograph" was released earlier this year for iPads, but users can now purchase the physical version of the book from Genesis Publications. The book from Genesis is published with the following features:

  • Signed by "Ringo Starr"
  • Binding in leather and gold foil blocking
  • 250 rare and unseen photographs with mementos from Starr's childhood

"Photographs" can be purchased from Genesis Publishing at the link above for UK £345 (pounds sterling) ($500). All proceeds for "Photographs," via Genesis Publishing, will be donated the Lotus Foundation.

[Image source: CBS News Video]