Rihanna: Restraining Order Isn't For Chris Brown

Amanda CrumLife

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Rihanna was recently forced to get a restraining order, but despite the rumors, it wasn't against on-again-off-again boyfriend Chris Brown.

The Barbadian singer obtained the order against a man who broke into her neighbor's home recently believing he was in Rihanna's house, even sleeping in a bed he believed to be hers. He attempted to steal property from the home but was ultimately thwarted by police, who were called when people in a neighboring home spotted him.

The suspect, Steveland Barrow, was released from custody last week and could be anywhere, so Rihanna felt it in her best interest to protect herself. The judge issued a temporary restraining order which would keep Barrow--who has been described as a "stalker" from coming within 100 feet of the singer.

Twitter has been buzzing with the news, and many are taking shots at Rihanna about it. The singer hasn't been in the good graces of many after taking back Brown, who famously beat her in a 2009 altercation.

Amanda Crum
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