Rihanna Body Double Allegations Cause a Stir on Twitter

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Rihanna, the popular singer who, according to Nielsen, is the top selling digital artist of all time, is a more than a little irritated by reports that she used a body double in her advertisement for Armani. The clip, which finds the musician rolling around on a bed in her underwear, gives viewers a good look at her scantily-clad body. However, the Sun reports that those curves actually belong to model Jahnassa Aicken, who was hired to stand in for the singer's bust and butt due to her involvement with one of the singer's videos.

Agitated and angered by the allegations, Rihanna took to her Twitter page to issue a colorful post on the subject. Although she later admitted that she could have been "more clever" with her response, at least she had the stones to keep it up for everyone to see.

Simply put, Rihanna denies that she used a body double.

According to the paper, the model was asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement which effectively prevents her from speaking publicly about the job. Despite this fact, it has been reported that Aicken received a "modest sum" for her contribution to the advertisement.

Not surprisingly, this whole sordid affair has made some waves on Twitter, where people endlessly speculate about everything. You can find some reactions to the Rihanna/Aicken story by investigating the posts embedded below. And if you'd like to plant your eyeball over the ad in question, that's been included, as well.

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