Righthaven Gets Taste of Irony as Defendant Seeks Assets

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The Righthaven storyline continues to get even more interesting. The company, often referred to as a "copyright troll," first stopped filing new suits against bloggers, then reports came out that the it may even file for bankruptcy, as it was hit hard by a court order to pay over $34,000 in legal fees.

Then, even the publisher of MediaNews Group, which employed Righthaven's services said the whole thing was a "dumb idea".

For more background on the Righthaven saga, view previous coverage here.

Now, PaidContent is reporting that the legal team of Wayne Hoehn, which was a defendant against one of Righthaven's suits - in fact, the would be recipient of the $34K, is asking a Nevada federal judge for permission to take ownership of Righthaven's assets.

The irony here is that Righhaven has sought the domains of publications it deemed offenders of copyright infringement in the past.

Jeff Roberts reports:

In weekend filings, lawyers for Wayne Hoehn asked a Nevada federal judge for permission to seize Righthaven’s “bank accounts, real and personal property, and intangible intellectual property rights.”

Apparently, Hoehn's team is also trying to get the court to find Righthaven in contempt for ignoring orders to pay that money.

Righthaven has filed over 275 suits, and if Hoehn's team gets its way, it may have just filed its last. If things were already looking bleak for Righthaven, this doesn't paint a much brighter picture.

Chris Crum
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