'Ridge Racer' Game Coming to Mobile This Month

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Gamers are certainly not lacking choices when it comes to racing games in the next year. Early PlayStation 4 and Xbox One adopters will each have an exclusive racing game to choose from (Driveclub and Forza 5, respectively), and EA has even thrown up its own next-gen racing game with Need For Speed Rivals. For those sticking with their PlayStation 3, Gran Turismo 6 will hit store shelves this Friday. And if console gaming isn't on the menu, Namco Bandai Games will soon provide an alternative with a mobile Ridge Racer.

Namco Bandai today announced Ridge Racer Slipstream, another mobile title for the classic racing brand. The game will be released for both iOS and Android sometime in December. Pricing and microtransaction status for the title has not yet been announced.

Slipstream will feature an updated racing engine that Namco Bandai claims is "specifically developed for tablets and smartphones. The game will have 10 tracks that can be driven forwards and backwards, as well as a plethora of racing modes and vehicle upgrades. At launch the game will feature a career mode and three arcade mode races. The publisher promises that the title will receive "regularly-scheduled" updates that will include a multiplayer mode.

A short announcement trailer was released today, showcasing what mobile gamers can expect out of Slipstream:

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