Ridge Racer For PlayStation Vita Launching March 13, Gets Free DLC


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If there's one thing that the PlayStation brand is known for, it's Ridge Racer. Well, the PlayStation brand is known for a lot of things, but Ridge Racer is always there at every launch. My first PSP game was Ridge Racer, and many early adopters first PS Vita game will probably be Ridge Racer as well.

While Ridge Racer did miss the actual launch of the PS Vita this time, it will make up for it on its March 13 launch. Namco Bandai said on the PlayStation blog that the game was delayed to hear feedback from players in Europe and Japan to deliver the best Ridge Racer experience possible in North America. The game will launch at retail for the great price of $29.99 and be available for download on the PSN for $24.99.

Ridge Racer PlayStation Vita

Going back to making up for the late launch, Namco Bandai will be offering a free DLC pack to everybody who picks up the game at lauch. Inside retail boxes will be a code for the Ridge Racer Gold pass that will unlock the free DLC. Players who decide to buy the digital version will have until April 30 to unlock the free DLC. What does this free DLC entail? The three things Ridge Racer is best known for - cars, tracks and music.

Three additional courses: Old Central, Sunset Heights and Lost Ruins
Two music tracks: NEW SONGS PACK 01
One new extended music mix: LONG MIX BGM 01

As part of that extensive testing and feedback that led to the delay of launch in North America, there will be a day-one update for Ridge Racer. The update will bring increased frame rate and smoother visuals to the game so that North American players get the best Ridge Racer experience out of the box.