Ricki Lake Files For Divorce From Husband Chris Evans

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Emmy Award-winning television host Ricki Lake has filed for divorce from her second husband, jewelry designer Christian Evans.

The two began dating in 2009 after her first divorce from illustrator/bartender Rob Sussman, with whom she has two sons, Milo Sebastian, and Owen Tyler.

"He's a normal guy," she told People Magazine. "We met through my best friend. His name is Christian. He's a nobody but he's somebody to me. He's everything to me."

Before their relationship began, Lake maintained a "new routine" that caused a significant amount of weight loss. When she and Evans got together, she said that she went on a "love binge."

"I haven't been going to the gym as much," she said. "I'm a bit fluffier than usual."

Although happy and in love, Lake said that she was in "no rush" to get married again.

"I'm so cynical after my experience. But this is just so natural and easy. I'm with a man who doesn't feel threatened. He doesn't want to keep me down."

The love of my life and me. @christiandevans ❤️

A photo posted by Ricki Lake (@rickilake) on

My love and me. ❤️ @christiandevans

A photo posted by Ricki Lake (@rickilake) on

However, despite her reservations, Lake and Evans eloped in April 2012. Earlier this month Lake, 46, separated from Evans and filed for divorce weeks later, citing irreconcilable differences. She has offered to pay spousal support.

Earlier this week, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant wrote about a silver lining to her recent ordeal on Twitter.

Currently Lake is working with director Abby Epstein on Sweetening the Pill, a documentary about the dangers of hormonal birth control. The film will explore the flurry of lawsuits related to these methods, as well as alternative options such as Natural Family Planning.

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