Rick Ross Sued For Not Showing Up At Gig, Lawyers Can't Find Him


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Rick Ross is a famous rapper known for starting the Maybach Music Group. He's also on the run from a lawsuit filed by a concert promoter in Britain.

The New York Post reports that Christian Ezechie, a promoter for Executive Decision, booked Ross and other acts through Maybach Music Group for a 2012 concert. He allegedly paid Ross $100,000 up front and paid $100,000 more for the other acts. After receiving the advance payment, Ross never showed up to the gig. Since then, Ezechie has been trying to track Ross down.

While Ross is relatively easy to find, serving him a summons has proved difficult. Ezechie claims that Rick Ross Touring's registered address leads to a UPS Store in Florida. They went to his home and those inside told said they didn't know how to contact the rapper. Ezechie's law firm has even attempted to serve a summons during Ross' concerts, but are too afraid to approach him thanks to the rapper's security guards.

If this seems ridiculous, it is. It's obviously weighing heavily on Ezechie as well. He told the court that Ross has committed "blatant robbery" and the amount allegedly stolen is absurd considering Ross is worth around $50 million.

So, what is Ross doing besides running from a summons? Well, he's still touring and what appears to be his Twitter account has only recently started to see some activity again since it last saw some action back in January. In fact, his latest post seems to convey that Ross is doing just fine:

He's also writing an advice column in Rolling Stone:

While Ross may be able to run for now, he may not be able to for much longer. The judge in the case has ruled that Ezechie can use an "alternative service" is Ross doesn't answer the summons by June 4. In other words, Ezechie can start sending out the summon through newspapers, email and other forms where it's most likely to be seen by more people.

If it's any consolation, Britain apparently didn't miss much by having Ross skip on the gig:

Image via RickRossVEVO/YouTube