Richard Sherman Fined For Taunting Michael Crabtree


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The incident with Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree rages on. Richard Sherman has been making headlines all week for his interview with Erin Adnrews after the game, but now what he did leading up to the interview has finally caught up to him.

Following the epic NFC Championship Game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers, Richard Sherman gave one of the most talked about and controversial post-game interviews possibly of all time.

It was finally confirmed by the league on Friday, and Richard Sherman was fined $7,875 for unsportsmanlike conduct/taunting in the final minute of the game.

The Seahawks went on to win the game 23-17, earning them a trip to the Super Bowl.

Sherman and Crabtree both exchanged pushing and shoving at the end of the game, and the taunting penalty could have been called on either of them. However, after it all started, Richard Sherman took it to the next level and continued to rant on about his superior playing, and has been criticized for it.

Despite being fined, and in addition to all of the press that he has received since the post-game interview, the head of the NFL still had nothing but good things to say about the the defensive player. He is one of the candidates for the defensive player of the year award, and one incident will not stop that.

Although he may have created some bad press about the NFL and the end of Sunday's game, Roger Goodell, the commissoner of the NFL, said "(Sherman) is such a great young man. He is extremely well-spoken, does great things off the field, obviously a great player on the field. I want him to present himself in the best possible way and make sure that he is reflecting on himself and his family in a positive way."

The Seahawks will meet the Denver Broncos in a battle of the the two teams that have remained at the top throughout the season, after they beat the New England Patriots.

He called himself the best corner in the game, while also insulting the receiver that he was guarding, Michael Crabtree, calling him a sorry receiver. He was penalized for the taunting that he did to him during the play initially, and he has now received a hefty fine for the act.

His taunting has not been talked about quite as much as the interview itself, but his interview has been called classless among other things, and he has even been called a thug. He has since called his remarks misdirected and immature.

With two of the best teams in the nation playing that also hate each other, it was expected that the emotions would be running high on both sides of the ball throughout the game, and penalties were delivered throughout the game, although Richard Sherman was the only player to be fined.

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