Restaurant Plays Peeing Patrons Their Negative Yelp Reviews

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Online reviews have been pissing off restauranteurs for many years now, and Yelp is one of the biggest offenders. I feel their pain - I mean, some woman gets in a fight with her boyfriend and then has one cold fry at your burger joint and she goes on to pen an epic teardown of your establishment that's on record forever. But on the flip side, online review sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon have helped me avoid bad experiences in the past.

But for a restaurant owner, I'm sure the terrible Yelp reviews are more memorable than the good ones. One restaurant is getting proactive by putting the bad reviews on display in the most clever place possible - the crapper.

San Diego's Craft & Commerce is taking a fun approach to negative reviews. They're recording them, and playing them for patrons to hear when they're going #1 or #2. You know what they say: if you can't beat them, associate them with human waste.

Craft & Commerce has a 4-satar rating on Yelp with over 900 reviews and boasts a Michelin-award winning chef - so it makes sense that they allow themselves the room to poke fun at themselves.

But if you ever visit the restaurant, here's are some of the reviews you might hear while taking a pee:

What a disaster. Don't think it was a typical night and the cocktails/mixology was as advertised but the kitchen was full of smoke and after waiting for an hour and a half we left without eating. BTW the ladies room was having serious issues as well. Sorry, truth hurts!

On the surface, this is creative vibrant pub with loads of potential. What i found, was that if im not a hipster, neck beard vespa rollin' type, I gets no love here. Terrible service, me and all my friends from work were blatantly dissed just because we opted to buy drinks instead of food and drinks. This ain't Cuba!
F$#% yo couch.

3 of us walked in for dinner last Sunday. The menu print is too small to read in the dim light. No vodka. Great burger, but they don't serve ketchup. This place takes it's identity and itself too seriously. How can you have a burger and fries with no ketchup? They could make their own if they think Heinz is cheesy. Drinks are too froufrou. No vodka soda? You'd gain 10 lbs drinking all the sugar drinks. Would not go back.

And they would probably sound something like this:

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