Restaurant Calls 1% Tip Story a Hoax

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A Newport Beach, CA banker recently prompted public outrage after apparently leaving a 1% tip for a waitress named Breanna, adding a small note to the check reading "get a real job." But according to the True Food Kitchen, the restaurant where the tip and advice were given, the whole thing is a hoax.

Apparently, a picture of the note on the check ended up on a blog called Future Ex Banker, which has since been deleted. The blog was moderated by an employee of the "wealthy banker" in question, and a caption with the original photo of the check read:

Mention the “99%” in my boss’ presence and feel his wrath. So proudly does he wear his 1% badge of honor that he tips exactly 1% every time he feels the server doesn’t sufficiently bow down to his Holiness. Oh, and he always makes sure to include a “tip” of his own.

Clever. The deleted blog also read:

I work in the corporate office of a major bank for a boss who represents everything wrong with the financial industry: blatant disregard and outright contempt for everyone and everything he deems beneath him. On top of that, he’s a complete and utter tool. At the same time, I’m still cashing paychecks, an admittedly willing—albeit reluctant—cog in the wheel of this increasingly ugly industry, so I’ve created this blog as a confessional of sorts. It won’t entirely clear my conscience, but hopefully it’ll help. I’m sure I’ll get fired eventually. Until then, enjoy.

Soon after Future Ex Banker blew up on the web, the author deleted it, lacking the courage of his or her convictions - though the Occupy Movement surely got very excited about the whole thing, initially - the story was so easy, but in the end, too good to be true. Below is a copy of the actual receipt and tip left for the waitress:


So basically, a Future Ex Banker went out of his or her way to insult a waitress named Breanna, to somehow "confess" to the Occupy Movement anonymously on the internet, only to subsequently take the whole thing offline, likely after those aforementioned paychecks were threatened. This is kind of like when I wear North Face clothes to go stare at kayaks at the mall, never to actually float on one - a pedestrian and cowardly reaction to some vague notion or ideal.

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